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Does anyone know Polish?

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    I could use your help with a little translation if you do. That's an English into Polish translation. Thanks.
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    My Mother is from Krakow, Poland ... Sure, I would be more than happy to help. ~Werdas
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    Cześć. Jak się ma twoja rodzina? :smile:
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    A little Kabaska and a dab of Polish needed here!

    Well, how did my mother find me? ROFLLLL ~
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    :rofl: :rofl:
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    These hyperlinks will probably help you...

    These hyperlinks might help. I see my mother rolling on the floor :rofl: laughing (look above) ... :rofl: she has been dipping in the sacred wine again. :rofl:

    An English - Polish online dictionary:

    A list of Polish verbs conjugated:
    http://www.logos.it/verbi/all_verbs_index_pl.html [Broken]

    A Polish Online course:

    The Polish section of travlang.com:
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    Chi Meson

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    Does anyone know Polish

    Well generally you start with a rougher "grit" and smooth the surface untill all the abrasions are gone, then progess to finer and finer grits. Remember that as the grit number goes up, it gets finer and finer. Once you get to about 600 or 800 you will not notice much difference, but keep at it. Finally you will need a paste called "jewler's rouge" that...


    Oh, Polish! Never mind.
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    What help do you need ? I'm from Poland :biggrin:

    BoulderHead: nice Polish :smile:
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    I believe it translates to Hi! How is it with your family?
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    I know Polish, I could help I guess.
    LoL @ BoulderHead
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    Can youtell me what this is called in Polish ?
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    Whenever I use my mother's computer, for some reason for the past long period of time, there was been a bottle of "Polish Remover" sitting on her desk, and every time I read it as the nationality and not the fingernail crap, and I just think to myself "Man, don't tell the Germans about this stuff."
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    you mean a heart with an arrow in it ? "przebite serce" :biggrin:
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    What does it mean in English ?
  17. Jun 3, 2004 #16
    Consider: Pierced heart :cry:

    What exactly is it supposed to mean in English?
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    it means that someone is in love with someone
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    BoulderHead, where did you get the Polish fonts?
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    Could you please cover shoe polishing next? I've been feeling a little scuffed up lately
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    Wow. It's interesting to see that my thread sparked so much discussion. Anyway, could someone, please, translate the following into Polish:

    It doesn't matter what I say here
    Because none of you speak Polish
    So none of you know what I'm saying
    All I need to do is speak very strongly
    Delivering my words with great emotion
    And you'll think that I'm saying something
    Very beautiful
    Very powerful

    Maybe I'll even begin to cry
    And you'll think that they are tears
    Of sorrow
    Brought on by the emotional force
    Of my own words
    But really, they will be tears
    Of joy
    Because this is all so funny
    Because none of you speak Polish
    So none of you know what I'm saying.

    I'd use an online translation device, but with something that long, it's bound to be unreliable.
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