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Does anyone know this documentary?

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    I can't really give any specific information on it other than from what I saw.

    If anyone has traveled on Singapore airlines before, you'll know what I mean when I talk about the "in seat tv" that they have. In fact, they probably have it on other airlines by now, But I don't know since I haven't traveled on them.

    On these headrest TV screens, you have a wide selection of tv shows/movies/documentaries etc you can watch. This one I saw roughly 3 years ago on a trip, and it was a Documentary about "free energy".

    Now, I've tried looking for it, and downloaded what turned out to be a conspiracy theorist one, which is not it. What I can say was:

    .It was by some science show (in the US), as I thought it was the discovery channel, but it could be some other cable TV network.

    . It was done properly. It had an engineer debunk or review each "free energy" apparatus and explain why it couldn't work.

    . The Engineer had brown hair (Yes, I can't remember the name of the film that much!)

    If anyone has seen the same one, could they tell me the title?

    I can remember one of the people who built a machine was a Frenchman, and it was like a giant ferris wheel, if that helps.
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    Could you possibly be talking about mythbusters?

    It sorta fits your description... kind of.
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    It was mythbusters. I've already seen that mythbusters episode anyway, but it wasn't that. It had one engineer review all these people's "free energy ideas".
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    "A Machine To Die For" maybe?

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    It quite possibly could be that, I think it actually is.

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