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Does anyone know what this is?

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    Does anyone know what this is?
    I took the photos using a digital camera through the eyepiece of microscope.
    I collected the specimen from my fish tank :uhh:

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    These are likely to be protozoan or microscopic animals. In the first two picture, the organisms seems to have a flagella but it is hard to says without the proper stainning.

    It is hard to do any identification without the proper information and equipment.
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    Apicomplexa plasmodium?

    Or Paramecium in conjugation
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    Chound you got some nice pics, but yeah you need to stain these things you see under the microscope. Get more pics.
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    I did stain them using saffronin and methylene blue(That's all I've got). But still they are transparent. I am pretty sure they have flagella.

    The second one looks like some kind of organism(has flagella) with spores inside it.
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    Better picture

    I think this picture seems to give a better idea of the organism
    Here is the things i could obsere:
    1)2 flagella which join inside the body.
    2)Almost oval body but the front is modified like the horns on the devil.
    3)I think it has a nucleus near the left devil's horn

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    ok ok sorry now I see the flagella. Could you tell me the magnification.
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