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Does anyone need help with geometry

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    Does anyone need help with geometry? I will be gald to take a stab at some of your questions!
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    well i haven't a specific question. But i never took a formal gemometry course. i took algebra 1, then moved to a school with integrated math. Integrated math was terrible, and in its attempt to combine algebra and geometry, it left out a lot. I'm now taking an applied Calculus course, and apparently a lot of our problems would be easier if we knew certain theorems or formulas. So, do you know where, maybe online or something, i could sort of learn geometry?
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    Geometry Help

    Here is a link that might help you learn some of the basics and a couple important theorems. If you want to learn the course at a more in depth level the best thing to do would be to pick up a book on the subject.

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    hey, i have already posted a new thread that contains 5 questions that you can work on to help me out. I would be glad if you did.

    The name of the thread is "Geometry help needed !!"
    I appreciate your help.
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