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Does Anyone Soak their Feet? (Random

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    Does Anyone Soak their Feet? (Random:)

    Just wondering what you use, if anything. I have really dry skin on my feet. It peels alot near my toes and was thinking of soaking them in something but I don't know what.

    Isn't there a salt of some sort? Anyone know of any miracle remedies for me?

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    Re: Does Anyone Soak their Feet? (Random:)

    Maybe you have athelete's foot...? Try some over-the-counter lotions.
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    Re: Does Anyone Soak their Feet? (Random:)

    for athlete's foot, i like to use a small amount of chlorine bleach in water to soak.

    for dry skin, lanolin hydrous (water lanolin emulsion) or la leuer oil (lanolin and mineral oil)
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    Re: Does Anyone Soak their Feet? (Random:)

    Don't play with athlete's foot, Casey. It can boomerang on you later.

    My suggestion is to soak periodically in a strong, very warm solution of Epsom Salts, and dry thoroughly afterward. You can use a topical treatment like Tinactin, etc, but once fungal infections have settled in (especially under nails) you're never going to win - just fighting a war of attrition.
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