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Does anyone watch the MASH series?

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    jimmy p

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    Does anyone watch the MASH series??? It's really good. I was quite sad tonight because I have watched two episodes a night (even if they were repeats) and today I watched the series finale. Pretty moving stuff.

    Anyway it is a quality series so if you have never seen it before, get watching. I think Hawkeye is great, I even base some of my humour on his and I have a tendency to wear my dressing gown all the time at home. I havent gone far enough to actually get a side parting like his but I'm getting the grey hairs sprouting around (unintentionally)...what a way to go, I'm sure I'll be silver by the time I'm 25!
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    I like the show. My step-dad likes it to.

    So I'd watch it. Except I'm really afraid of encouraging my step-dad too much... He's exhibited enough stalker tendencies as it is and I don't want any more popping up.

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    Chi Meson

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    There was a time during the early eighties, right after the show ended. that you could watch reruns of MASH practically non-stop starting at 3 in the afternoon. THis was before cable was everywhere. SOme MASH junkies had every episode memorized and would quiz each other with short lines like: "If you don't like our RAD-io, then get off our PAT-io." TO which the response was "FAT-io."

    I guess I was one of those junkies.

    Connection to physics: Alan Alda (Hawkeye) just recently played the part of Richard Feynman in the broadway production "QED." Evidently he was a perfect Feynmnan.
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    jimmy p

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    Lol actually, reading one of Feynmann's books I can see that real well!!
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    I really like M*A*S*H, quality stuff. If only I could find new quality shows on tv...
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