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Does asexuality exist and if so is it psyhological or genetical

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    Does asexuality exist and if so is it psyhological or genetical.
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    Asexual means you reprodcue with yourself. So i physically speaking I'd say it does not exist. I've never heard a case of anyone (narcisists included) wanting to have sex with themselves, beyond rhetoric anyway,
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    There are some organisms that reproduce with themselves but I cannot remember which ones so you may want to consult the biology forum. I know the "male" species of some seahorses produce offspring.
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    franznietzsche, RAD4921, what you guys are talking about is called autosexuality. Asexuality a the lack of sexual attraction to any gender. It has been observed in some mamals, such as deer and humans. For more information go http://www.asexuality.org/info.htm [Broken].
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    Thanks for geting the facts streith alpha wolf. The thread is about asexuality as a interestting form of human behaveuor and not autosexuality.
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    Take it from an asexual (myself).

    It DOES exist, and is plentiful (a recent study showed that over 1 in 100 adults are asexual).

    As for whether it is psychological or biological I do not know. However, I do know that whenever I bring up my asexuality, someone will deny it saying that everyone is heterosexual or homosexual in some way. You (as well as I) might want to consult a geneticist or psychologist to find the answer to your question. As far as I've heard though, the results are only opinionated and there is no proof either way.
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    The definition

    The definition of "asexual" is; having no sex or sex organs.

    To which I assumed differently because of the content of the thread.

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    There are two separate definitions: an adjective describing someone without sexual organs and an adjective describing someone not sexually attracted to anyone and has no interest in sex. This thread is clearly discussing the latter (errr... hopefully ^_^).
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