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Does center of mass change if

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    hi,Center of mass is supposed to be this one particular point that behaves as if the whole body mass was located there. Since human body is not rigid does its center of mass change when for example person raises his/her arms or leans forward?

    thank you
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    Doc Al

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    The center of mass of a flexible body is not a fixed point. It definitely changes as a person changes the position of his/her arms and legs. Realize that it's not a point necessarily inside the body: it could very well be in the air. (Consider a person bent into a v-shape: feet and hands on the ground, butt in the air. Where's the center of mass likely to be?)
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    Between person's butt cheeks? :)

    Kidding. It's not inside person's body

    Can you help me with other thread also :) ?

    thank you
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