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Does consciousness have a size?

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    Does our consciousness have a size?
    If so, what size would that be?
    If not, does that mean that it is everywhere or nowhere(nonlocal)?
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    size of your brain.
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    Yes, consciousness has a size: 13 letters.

    How do you define 'size' ?
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    The content of consciousness has both size and quality; one's mental content, knowledge.
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    Lets ignore the supposed neural correlate for a second and focus on consciousness itself.

    Its 3D volume.

    What do u mean the content has a size?
    That when u look into a room, the content of ur consciousness is the size of what u see?
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    Consciousness has different sizes depending upon which weekday you're talking about.
    For example, my consciousness is a whopping 10 cubic metres big on Mondays, but a mere cubic inch on Thursdays.
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    Since imagination is certainly part of consciousness, my consciousness is bigger than the universe! Because it includes the universe and also Middle Earth, Narnia, the Land of Oz, ....
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    But the real universe also includes narnia...
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