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Does each band have multiple allowed E-values for th same k?

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    So every theoretical resource I've been able to find seems to map bands to lines for a 1D crystal, surfaces for a 2D crystal, and hypersurfaces for a 3D crystal. But then there are images like the ARPES data below (fig. 1a, 1b, 2) where the density of states is a lot higher within the valence band energy range even if there isn't a band-line nearby. ARPES should restrict k to one axis, so I don't think it can be explained by variance from k in the other directions.

    Many explanatory images also show the bands as if the valence band has states below the band-line and the conduction band has states above the band-line, like fig. 3.

    fig. 1

    fig. 2

    fig. 3
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