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Does education kill true dreams

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    Does education kill true dreams?
    For me high school was a taunt. Between the kids and the teachers and hormones carries you away from what you really wanted to know. Do school formats kill true thought? How can you have a true discussion when there's someone there telling you you have to change your thought always to keep up to the lesson plan. How do you learn when you don't?
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    I think you should make a distinction between "education" and what you are really talking about.
    The US public school system?
    All formal education in a classroom environment?
    The mentality of US educators?
    The politics in teacher/student relationshps?
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    I'll field this one as best I can.

    Education is the pursuit of knowledge. IOW, you have to actually crave learning and knowledge to get the full benefits. Keyword being "pursuit". High School is a general outline. When you get to college you will be able to pursue the field that interests you more thouroughly. But of course you don't have to wait, you can always seek knowledge on the subject you want outside of the classroom. The only limitation is yourself. If you don't feel challenged, then you must challenge yourself. Do not rely on others to set the bar for you, if you feel that bar is too low. We all know the US public school system is lacking. If it isn't keeping up with YOU, then transcend it and seek what you want.

    Ok that sounded more like a lecture than a philosophy post[zz)]
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    I'd really like to change the whole basic education system, starting from the beginning. The first things to be tought in terms of science should be the philosophy of science, and we should always avoid fact-learning. Exams should test understanding rather than memory, and reward going beyond the standard answer.

    I still remember how I *hated* learning the multiplication tables... Far better to understand what the operator represents...

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    Me being in grade 10, it's easy to see flaws or things that should be changed in the way they teach. In school they usualy try to tell you the answers to everything rather then find ways to make you realize it for yourself. For me realizing on my own is far more rewarding and mentaly challenging, without that challenge education can be very boring.
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    For me, the ideal education must have the
    following qualities:
    • Room for students to express their creativity
    • No more prejudices & lack of co-operating
      by eliminating class academic rankings.
    • Less control= no more "sucking up" to higher authority &
      more independence. (Pls read my thread at
      https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9274 )
    • No restrictions on students' way of thinking.
    • More team spirit & sense of belonging by
      causing students to act like adults and have the same goal of suceeding in life
      instead of confining themselves to
      the goal of getting good exams results.
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    physicskid...outstanding outline! the u.s. educational system as far as secondary school does not promote creativity as it should...my daughter in the 2nd grade however does get many opportunities to use her imagination...

    homeschooling from what i understand promotes creativity and allows a lot of room for young people to pursue what intrigues them at their pace...
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    If it’s your dream it then it must hold some value to you. If it is valued highly enough, I want to believe you can pursue it.
    I think the hormones play a role often underestimated, but then, they also cause you to pursue what you really want to know too (at least at that moment).
    Ah, here is the interesting question !
    I believe schools are processing factories. They are processing human minds rolling along a conveyor belt, educating and indoctrinating. This makes public school systems an invaluable political tool (and may have something to do with why there are so many of them), creating nice little robot people who are intelligent, creative, and useful, but virtually incapable of questioning core beliefs (the Statist Assumption, being one such belief). You are taught that if you go along to get along you just might get a little.
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    We weren't meant to sit in classrooms 8 hours a day. School is not learning, we sit in front of people who lecture us all day long. We learn to suppress our own thoughts =P. Don't you think not being allowed to talk makes us stupid? The passiveness of having information poured into our heads will never do us any good. And IF you don't agree completely with everything I just said, I'm going to foam in the mouth and brains and I don't care what you think. Well, what happens when you compare the natural development of people with the sticking of children into buildings for a long time every day five times a week? Will someone PLEASE explain to me the importance of this education bullcrap?

    Some reason I can't get out of my head the idea of "Informed Consumer" that school is supposed to teach me to be. Perhaps I need to take some ritalin or something, maybe I could get some of the drugs 1/4th of all people in high school have. School is a joke, and I'll never forgive my parents for sending me to preschool with other kids from other tribes all alone. Mark Twain once remarked, "I would never let an education get in the way of my learning.”
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    Tom Mattson

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    Pre-college education sucks. Having kids is not my plan, but if I ever do have a little bundle o' joy, I am homeschooling (I guess I'll have to marry a liberal arts type so the child will get a complete education). If you just stick it out in high school, and do the dance so that you get good grades and SAT scores, then that will be your ticket "out"--to a college and major of your own choosing.
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    Scholarship is the enemy of romance, according to Billy Bragg.
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    I'm talking about all those situations when I wrote this post. Then I want to question if they kill that honest kid I knew so well before I went to school everyday. Does early education brainwash silly ideas. What if daydreaming was killed permenatly, would Einstien have exisisted.
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    Einstein hated the German education of his day which made present day US schooling look like utopia. He cut out in his teens, leaving his German school and joining his father in Italy. Eventually he made it through the ETHS, the MIT of Switzerland. He wasn't crushed by it because he didn't let it crush him.
  15. Dec 5, 2003 #14
    Einstein was a typical example of teens. Genius finds it way sooner or later. Today the gold is recognized quickly and scooped up and made good use of. In the old days gold was recognized only when it had a high class family to shelter it. Today it is easier and there are more oportunities for all to fulfill there dreams.
  16. Dec 6, 2003 #15
    True. But you can get crushed by the school system even if you are a genious on a subject. You can still be good at maths and physics but when you other student push you down because they can't keep up it aint good [b(]. Well this is an other problem of schools. Teachers aren't really interessted in people but more in their subjects [b(]
  17. Dec 11, 2003 #16
    dream are dieing

    when you teach someone how to do something in a set way IE like a computer progame then there is no room to explore other ways of doing things and since you are teaching the young who know no better there thought process are set in that way,

    teachers have a lot to answer for but then they are taught that way as well.
  18. Dec 11, 2003 #17
    No matter what system you learn in, keep your dreams, for it will be your dreams that give you hope, strength and knowlege. It will be your dreams which will make you forge ahead into the unknown. One must not falter, but you should realize and have compasion for those who do not understand, for if your life was formed differently how close would you be to them, it is easy to judge.

    Never harden yourself to the the magic of the universe, no matter what you learn or think you know. Be open to it, and it will respond to you. It has no choice, it is physics it is the law.
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    This is not going to solve 'present problems' for anyone I suspect, but it wasn't till well past my teens/twenties/into my thirties that I started to gain an appreciation for the 'formal'/scholastic parts of my education, that I had had, took till them to realize just how much I had needed to learn lots of the things that I had learned, but as i said, that doesn't solve anyone's present problem...

    P.S. I too disliked school, but it is needed...
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    Re: dream are dieing

    Is education just about learning. It's about order and behavior as well. Just as the lesson plans are there to keep a certain pace in the class, the disaplinarians are there to keep a certain order in class as well. School is about what the all american youth should act and think like. School is a fad highschool that is.
  21. Dec 13, 2003 #20
    There must be a balance between structure and free thought, when you are high in your life(not drugs) you must make a case for it then within yourself. If you are too much in one you will not be able to relate and too much in the other the same is true. There is a balance where clarity occurs, when you know that you have the ability to know. Here and only here true knowlege is born. Every thought comes from a place never before experienced. In this place the universe unfolds, you are there now. The question you must ask yourself is why am I not experiencing it if I am there already? Find it and you find your dreams, and you will know the structures you will need to set up, not for others but for yourself.
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