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Does Entropy in 5-D dipict an Expanding or Contracting Universe?

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    If the Arrow of Time move's upwards from 'our' perceived 3-D +1 spacetime (expansive Entropy), then in this model:http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/hep-th/pdf/0408/0408217.pdf [Broken]

    Has the implications that the Arrow (Thermodynamic Time) predicts that from a 5-D Space, relays an arrow of Time converging to a Cosmological Big-Crunch, the phase of which cannot be detected in 'our' 3-D spacetime.

    Our phase is dependant on an Expanding Universe, our arrow of time points towards the 5-D future, its an expansive evolution.

    A certain model predicts that we have 'bounced' into existence, we are riding upon an upwards wave-function :cool:
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    I have no clue what your talking about but it sounds cool :-)
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