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Does exist a software for this?

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    i want to automatize a process that uses 4 programs and 1 web pages
    so it has more than 5 steps that repeats cyclically
    so my question is if a windows program can do this
    the processs would be like this

    goto page xxxxxx
    save image at xxxxxxxx
    open program xxxxxxx
    open image saved
    save inage in format xxxxx
    open program yyyyyy and process image xxxxxx
    process image in programzzzz
    the result copy and paste in program wwwww
    goto step 1
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    thanks for your valuable information
    but theres now this problem, i see that i can download an internet file with the program , but i cant find any instruction that lets you open a webpage
    by the way, does this type of prog have a special name, or category?
    (like software for manage software??)
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    "Automation Utilities" could be a suitable category.

    You could search for AutoIt on google and possibly find AutoIt among other similar programs.

    You could execute explorer with the webpage as an argument.
    For example
    explorer "http://www.cnn.com"[/B] [Broken]

    If what you are ultimately after are images on webpages, you might find that writing a script in say perl or python is more efficient. You could parse a webpage for the URLs to the images you want, then retrieve them via the program or else through some external program like lynx or maybe wget.
    These programs are available from Cygwin (the unix-like distribution that runs in Windows).
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    You can always write this sort of program easily using VBScript, but then that all depends on your programming ability.
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