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Does God really Love me ?

  1. Sep 3, 2003 #1
    I have the difficulty to know which god is real God. There are so many options!

    If God is real and he loves me, why not he provides a better way for me to know him?
    Because i don't think bible is undoubtedly the only credible source for me to know God.
    Moreover, even i accept christianity, there are RC and protestanism and many other denominations for me to choose!

    If I happen to choose the wrong one, is it fair for God to punish me for making the wrong choice ?
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    You are still worrying too much about the people who are telling you that he is. Look, if God is going to punish him because you walked into the wrong physical church when you went to worship him, then he's not the God we are told he is.

    The important thing is to have your faith in him and stop worrying about the earthly part. God isn't of earth, he's greater than that. In that manner, the place where you go to worship him isn't nearly as important as the fact that you do worship him.

    "It's not important what you have faith in, just that you have faith."
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    God doesn't love you, because you are funny looking, and you smell bad!

    Just kidding...seriously, though, you are going to drive yourself nuts worrying about this stuff.
  5. Sep 5, 2003 #4
    This is easier to explain and understand if you are a parent with children, Does God love you "Yes" As a parent with young children loves their child so does God love you and more, He does not pile conditions and terms on you like you and the world do, God loves you no strings or conditions attached.
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    Is it better to go through life and never know what life is and then die or is it better to push all your chips in the center of the table. Difficult step, it's easier to hang on to things than it is to exist in knowing you know nothing and stay that way in an attempt to non attempt. Don't judge people, and do not judge yourself, just look and do not stop, the fog will burn off and you will be a witness to what is.
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    I have been away from the forums for a bit. But your situation is not unique and many people wonder the same.

    One thing I can say is the the Bible is not the source for you to get to know God....Only with your heart and soul...From the Bible you can get an understanding of what God wants of us and not of what we want of God. When you read through the Bible you will find an underlying tone throughout all of the texts, and that is to trust God and God's judgement. From the start with Adam and Eve on through to Jesus, God has only asked that we trust in Him. As a child would trust a parent and a parent's judgement.

    God has provided you with the best possible thing you can have to know him, life. You have a mind, a heart, and a soul. You have all that is needed to get to know God.

    As far as denominations..they are but names made by men. And your choice in them should be led by God and not by you. Attend many, try them all out...and never be afraid to ask questions. Ask the pastor/priest how that denomination views salvation, and other things pertaining to faith, as well as things of a more secular nature (like maybe drinking, music, etc).

    Remember that going to church every week is not a directive of God's in order to achieve salvation. But a creation of His to allow individuals to get together in worship and praise, and fellowship amongst eachother. Remember early on God saw that Adam would need a companion, that has not changed. Man needs companionship and the Church is one of God's ways of providing that for us. One that allows people of like minds to get together for a no greater reason than God.
  8. Sep 7, 2003 #7
    The Bible is certainly not the only way to come to know God and appreciate what he is like. Indeed the Bible itself says that it is not the only to way to learn about God. Consider this scripture:

    "For since the creation of the world his invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead ..." - Romans 1:20

    The point is that God's qualities are reflected in the world that he has created. The Bible says that God is love (1 John 4:8) and his love can be seen in many ways. He gave us a body that is a masterpiece of engineering, a beautiful environment to live in, a marvelous variety of delicious food, powerful brains to think and learn to a virtually unlimited extent, artistic talents to create music and paintings and books, the joy of reproduction and lots more that you can figure out.
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    And full of capabillity for sin and infliction of suffering... All of which is often so much fun.

    Besides, we cook the food, and half the time it is sickening - the other half will reduce our lifespan by ten years.

    The point being that the idea of God being "self-evident" is pretty much useless as a hypothesis - it does not tell us anything but the mind of the one who does the analysing.
  10. Sep 9, 2003 #9
    you could look for his personal on the Yahoo datting thing (god needs loving too)

    I see no reason why god wouldent love all of his creations i mean if he is real and dosent love me i woudl prably be smited... unless he is a sick sick being and wants to see my face when i am told i am gonna go to hell or dependign on what relgion is right soem other bad place.
    God is really what you want "it" to be because if christainity is right and god gave us free will then wouldent he want us to choose what we want him to be.
    If your still with me on this your prably on mary jane right now.

    oh and zero i love the evil dead avatar...it is so funny
  11. Sep 13, 2003 #10
    From the way I see it , we shouldn't worship God at all. We don't owe God a thing. We did not ask , want , or chosed to be created. We did not have a choice to what we are created into. We are put into bodies with limits and walled by implanted emotions. There is no free will. We never had a chance to choose who, where , or what we are made into. We are not free to act upon what we wish for it is claim that we will be punish for it in the afterwards. Worst , we are not at fault for our actions for things such as greed , anger, or agressiveness were implanted into us.

    God doesn't love us , for if he did we would be living in a world without pain or suffering. Or at least a world where all of our needs and wants are met. Instead , we are forced to fend for ourselves.

    Saint , if you are going to worship god , I will respect your decision on that. However, at least worship god in thanks for whatever you believe he had gave you , and not what he is going to give you.
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    Sure, and his priests do too. ;)
  13. Sep 30, 2003 #12


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    My general opinion of Islam aside, the Koran said it best: "There is one God and his name is God." So the question "which God?" has no meaning. What you really mean is: "Which religion?" Not the same thing at all.

    My personal opinion is far more liberal on that question than most religions would allow (and rightly so): It doesn't matter all that much as long as you try your best to live a decent and honorable life.
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    You address Omnipotence. Tread Carefully.
  15. Sep 30, 2003 #14


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    Exactly. God is all powerfull. So he should be able to smite before I finish this post. Personally, I think God is a wus, and I would simply drop the mega elbow from the top rope and take over control. Infact, if god shows up right now, I'd spit in his face.

    Certainly such comments would warrant a response? You wouldn't sit by idle as I made such comments if you had the power to snap you fingers and kick my butt to hell, would ya?

    And really, this non-action of a omnipotent being is more then enough for me to not only answer Saint's question with a no, but to counter it with another question.

    How can god love you, if he is nothing more then an imaginary being?
  16. Oct 1, 2003 #15
    If there is a god, then i am lead to believe that god shall not hate but nor can he love.

    yeah god is all powerful and can smite before i fini....
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  17. Oct 2, 2003 #16


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    Have you ever met a Navy SEAL? They are the nicest guys you've ever met simply because they have enormous power and the discipline to use it only when they need to. If you tried to pick a fight with one, he'd laugh at you and walk away. They are secure in their abilities and don't need to prove it to you by kicking your ass. Such is God.
  18. Oct 2, 2003 #17
    God wouldn't be a navy seal for god don't interfere with anything.
  19. Oct 2, 2003 #18


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    Ya, but like the man says, god wouldn't be a navy seal. Not to mention the examples from the bible of him smiting people.

    But I do understand your point.

    edit: Also, if I knew god was a navy seal, well, I wouldn't make comments like that to begin with. I'm confident that a profesionally trained soldier would beat me in the ground, if I was lucky.
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