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Does god want people happy

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    just one question, does god (of any religion, just specify) want people (the entire human race or even just one group or individuals even) to be happy, (as a general way of life; utopian-like happiness)??
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    I liked that part in the first matrix where the machine told morpheus his idea of humans being a virus. He also mentioned an earlier version of the matrix that was a utopia. It collapsed. I think we need some amount of drama in our lives. Almost like we feed on it.

    To the note of god wanting people to be happy, it seems most religions teach that this life is mostly unpleasant, and that to become happy you must seek god. That for the most part, we should not concern ourselves with the woes of this life, only keep our faith strong in the promise of eternal happiness once were dead.

    I personally think its all about crowd control.
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    If there is a god like the God of Christianity:

    Short answer, yes.

    Little more detail? OK. God wants all humans happy, but in the same way a loving parent wants happy children. Not happy because they're drunk or otherwise drugged, not the happiness of someone who is ignorant of potential dangers, and not the maniacle happiness of insanity. Not the dark kind of happiness your child might get from doing wrong and getting away with it, nor the sick, twisted pleasure one might feel while harming another.

    I believe God wants us to live happy in a world without injustice or suffering. But since that is not the world in which we live, I think He preffers that we be outraged by injustice rather than happily comitting it; that we morne over the suffering of others rather than happily inflicting it. I think it's important to Him that we be happy, but more important that we be good.

    Too much detail? Oh well
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