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Does gravity via gravitational lens distort spacetime?

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    If gravitational lens can "focus" light, is it possible with gravitation, so that the resulting gravitation would be strangely unhomogenous?

    (If it is a dumb/noob question just tell we pls.)
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    Do you mean, can a gravitational lens focus gravitation? The question doesn't really make sense, because "gravitation" is not necessarily something that propagates like light does.

    If we modify the question somewhat, to: can a gravitational lens focus gravitational waves? then I believe the answer is yes. But focusing gravitational waves is not the same as focusing "gravitation" in general.
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    Just an addition to Peter's remark: Gravitation can be seen as the bended structure of spacetime. Perhaps that helps to rephrase the original question which I haven't understood either.
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