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Does human 'will' exist?

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    First off I'd like to say hey, I'm new here! I hope I posted this in the right place and it follows the rules and all. I'd like to see what everyone's opinion is on this, and if they agree at all with my theory or think it's all a load of bull. I'ts basicly about whether or not human 'will' exists at all, or whether it is all just a chain reaction. I hope you all understand what I mean.

    I often stumble across heated debates about whether everything we do is simply down to chemical reactions, or something more. I shall try to explain what I believe is the correct answer and my explanation behind it.

    I shall start by saying I’m a firm believer in science, well, at least more so than anything else. To me, religion is just about putting a personality on something that doesn’t really exist outside of the chemical reactions of people’s brains. These chemical reactions are what make us do or feel anything. Since the beginning of time everything has been part of a huge chain reaction, everything is predetermined from the very start, as what happens next is solely down to everything that has happened before it, or at the same time as it. Which in a sense means I am saying destiny exists, but not as some mysterious force, but as a series of chain reactions. There is no such thing as human ‘will’, it is just a chemical reaction caused by whatever happened before it. This means that whatever you’re reaction is to what I am writing here is already determined by every single thing that has happened before and as you read it. You yourself are not making your mind up about anything, you aren’t choosing anything, it’s all chemicals in your brain being forced to interact in whatever way they are reacting in.

    You follow?

    If what I say is true, then when it comes down to liking something, music for example, one band or song is no better than any other, except in one’s head. One could argue that if a band was creating more positive chemical reactions in people’s heads than another band, then it was the better band. Right? Not so. And here is why. The reactions being produced in people’s heads are not solely down to the bands music if we’re look back to my previous points from earlier, the reaction is also determined by everything else that has come to happen around the person having the reaction, and the other chemical processes happening in that persons brain at the same time. So it is still part of the big chain reaction. This means that nothing in this world can be truly better than anything else, or right or wrong for that matter, since that is also down to what a person perceives as right or wrong according to the said chemical reactions in their brain.

    Again I hope you understand what I am trying to get at. I would love to hear all your opinions on the matter and on what I wrote.

    P.S go easy, I am new here!
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