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Does impotence exist?

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    Does the opposite of omnipotence exist?

    (i dont know the right word for it, is it impotence/nihipotence/nonpotence/something else?)
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    If you are asking about fisical existence, then no: it is impossible to exist without occupying space (but again, it also depends on your definition fo the opposite of omnipotent. For me, it is that something is nowhere).
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    Impotence certainly exists; many men suffer from it.
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    haha, good one. but he doesn't mean it that way....
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    I found this definition of omnipotence on wikipedia:

    So i think the opposite of omnipotence would be "something with no power whatsoever".
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    thansk for that, this changes my position.

    Yes, impotnece exists: esclaves. (there are still many)
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    What are esclaves?
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