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Does it happen?

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    So I was watching a show, months ago, and they were doing research on finding Quarks, miles below the ground there was a tank of liquid. Every so often a quark would hit an atom square on and react. I was wondering. If that reaction could take place in people, just walking around?

    Every once in a while I will feel and hear a snap, not really painful. They have the sound and feel of static electricity shock but emanating inside the body. I am sure there can be plenty of biological reasons for such things. Just curious about reactions. Don't need medical help.
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    It is more likely to be a neutrino detector, such as the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory. Yes, the same reactions occur in your body.

    This is unrelated, I am sure. You need massive highly sensitive instruments to detect such things. You can't feel the tiny number of reactions when they occur in your body.

    Cheers -- sylas
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    thanks sylas
    You are correct. Neutrino's. It was months ago.
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