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Homework Help: Does it matter how many turns it makes for dingint he moment and torque?

  1. Nov 2, 2005 #1
    Hello everyone 'im confused...all these problems keep bringing up how many times a coil turns, and yet the forumla/book doesn't apply the case if its turning or spinning. FOr example, this problem asks:
    A circular coil of 200 turns has a radius of 2.10 cm.

    (a) Calculate the current that results in a magnetic dipole moment of 2.30 Am2.
    (b) Find the maximum torque that the coil, carrying this current, can experience in a uniform 40.0 mT magnetic field.

    I know the equation:
    M = AI;
    Would i use the area of a circle because its a coil? and why does it tell me it turns 200 times, is it goign to effect the area or current or what?> Also to find the maximum torque, can i use the equation of:
    T = IAB? where B is the magnetic field, and A is the area nad I is the current?
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    it isnt turning 200 times, it means that the wire is wrapped around the core 200 times, or there is 200 layers of wire around the core.
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    How does that effect the area or current?
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    n/m i got it
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