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Does it require a god to create the physics rule?

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    Does physics require a creator to make the laws of physics?

    I am not so sure.
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    i have always wondered how the laws of physics were created...
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    Why any more than the universe? The "laws of physics" are (when and if we find them) the description of the universe, not separate from it.
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    Law is 'just' an observation
    Creation implies existence. In the case a 'law' is only an 'observation', the word 'creation' is not appropriate.

    Law is a 'real' description
    When we assume that they are really describing something, I still wouldn't use the word 'creation'. It's also possible that they 'developed' or 'arised' from something. Out of chaos?

    Warning: heretical!
    I'm a scientifical pagan in regard to the 'second law' of thermodynamics. I am interested in manners in which patterns can arise out of chaos. The way (chaotic) energy of the sun is 'directed' to give rise to increasing complexity on local scale. In some kind of way a universe full of continously and randomly appearing virtual particles seems to need an enormous amount of energy, and at the other hand, it doesn't.
    Just as I don't agree totally with the use of Kolmogorov complexity: "suprise and randomness do contain more information" (in my own words). I think the way something relates to 'reality' is also informative. I can tell you a suprising fable, but because it doesn't reflect 'reality', it's still not that informative.
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    No. Existence itself is demonstrably paradoxical. If there is a God, one must still ask where did God come from? Just as you can say God has no origin or needs no explanation, you can say the same thing about existence in general.

    In fact, this is exactly what Quantum Mechanics suggests. Existence itself may be random and without apparent cause, and the laws of physics may simply be what little apparent order seems to come out of all the chaos randomly.
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    i like this description :smile: hope you didn't take my statement to mean that i thought there was an actual "creator".
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