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Does junior high really matter?

  1. Oct 25, 2006 #1
    I did really poorly in junior high... I think all 4 semester average to about 2.85 or something, but now in my freshmen year I am on track of getting a 3.6+ and hopefully a 4.0

    Will my horrible junior high procrastination ever affect college applications since i really want to go to a good university for physics.
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    Hell no.

    They won't look at junior high at all. They won't even look at your freshmen and sophomore year nevermind junior high!

    Keep up the good work though.:biggrin:
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    You could have had a 0.0 in junior high, and if they still passed you to high school, you'd be just fine. Freshmen year, the reason why you want to do well (looks like you are), is to start off with a good class rank.

    Oh, let me give you some really good advice. Listen. Do not start thinking about universities now, and do not think about what will help you get in. Do what you want to do, as long as you do SOMETHING. Some colleges don't even look at freshmen year of high school (I believe that Princeton and UMich don't, for example), and others don't put that much weight on it. Sophomore year matters somewhat. Junior year, take the hardest courseload you can ever possibly think of ever taking (choose interesting classes!). You will be set. Just don't start thinking about colleges yet; don't be that guy. High school will probably change most of what you think of all academic subjects and universities. Have fun!

    EDIT: Also, don't worry about what others are getting right now. I've seen people be on track to being valedictorian, until they just crashed junior year and couldn't take it anymore.
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    I asked my English teacher and he said he wasn't sure, but he said the much higher schools like Harvard and Yale might go all the way back to whenever,

    Maybe i just worry too much...
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    yes you do, have fun in high school, when it comes to junior year then you can worry but not till then.
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    I barely passed in Junior high. Actually, I failed a few classes. It hasn't effected me at ALL. All of school before high school is garbage.
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    My English teacher was a moron, so I wouldn't be surprised if yours is too, especially after a comment like that.

    Anyways, I wouldn't stress about it, and just do what you're doing because you're doing great.
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    "Well, this kid is a genius now, but how smart was he in... 7th grade!?"
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    My english teacher probably is a moron. The way he teaches will probably teach us the most about why we write, but he is a moron and doesn't teach us about writing.

    English teachers tend to be morons...
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    I failed mathematics in my senior in high school, and now I'm heading to graduate school soon!!!

    I wouldn't take that route, but that goes to show that education in high school is so poor that a month of study if sufficient to cover all the material from high school! Sad.
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    lol... actually in 7th grade i came up with alot of ideas and even some ideas for perpetual motion and reason for gravity and whatnot

    but i procrastinated like crazy
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    lol, I remember getting a D in science in 7th grade, as well as an F in history (I didnt do the projects and homework, which apparently were worth like 50% of the grade).

    It's good that you were thinking, but I doubt they were very intelligent thoughts(im saying this due to your comments on perpetual motion...), hehe
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    well the perpetual motion was just random possible blurbs and i figured out that 2 of them were totally impossible

    the third i've yet to test.. lol i really doubt it will ever work but the possibility is cool though =]

    7th grade was full of creativity and procrastination and alot of stuborness. Reality didn't exist to me in 7th grade. my report cards and some of my ideas reflect that

    edit. so can I be 100% sure that my junir high wont come back to haunt me?
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    good luck with perpetual motion, note me in your nobel prize speech please. Juniour high doesnt matter though, in fact just have fun. From I have heard, you are that kid who is chasing down perfection. Beauty is in imperfection my friend. It is what sets everyone apart, we are all imperfect in different ways. The best skills you can learn in high school are the social skills anyways.
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    i was going to say yes! becase i thought you were still in junior high. but since it is apparentlyover, the answer is no!

    now matters, the past does not matter.
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    Ki Man, I don't even know if they still have my junior high grades on file anywhere.
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    I GOT MY FIRST B IN JR HIGH. i think it was in english. i was in hank williams' daughter's class, and she wrote this smacking good biography of her life growing with audrey and without hank. she got an A. how could i match that?
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    wow what nice competition =P

    I was just wondering because it would really really weigh me down... jr high is really just a kind of extension of elementary. its just there so when you go to high school you dont die.

    If they do count though, i can say goodbye to caltech
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    Nobody cares about junior high. Don't worry.
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    Don't make up your mind on a university just yet :smile: It will be far better for you to keep your mind completely open until the end. Throughout high school you will (hopefully) learn that many many many universities will provide you with an excellent education. I would focus more on the life aspect there than solely on academic. Caltech is great, but make sure you visit, etc.., but not yet!

    I remember my views of college a few years ago when I was a freshmen. Boy have they changed.

    If you really want to get into Caltech, do something cool with your time. Don't waste it by studying constantly, or not doing anything.

    EDIT: BTW, even a 2.8 freshmen year in high school wouldn't kill your chances of getting into Caltech. I can tell you right now that colleges will never see, nor care, about your junior high grades...EVER, EVER
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