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Does Light affect Gravity

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    In the book 'Virgintell' which has a lot of seemingly high ideas about science there is the proposition that light can be used to make a solid state gyro. {not like an osciloscope}.


    In a 3D computer simulated experiment the developer tries to send a light beam across the universe. It doesn't go. So the intensity of the light is increased. It does go across.

    The light is then turned to the maximum imaginable and the effect is to distort the universe by attracting the galaxies.[ Shearing says galaxies bend light so equally and oppositely the light must bend the galaxies path.]

    This is noted and the experimenter has heard light is either a wave or particles...makes a massive coil of hollow fibre optics and puts a vast amount of light through it.

    1. The loose end of the fibre optics moves around like a hose.
    2. The coil shows the same behaviour as a gyroscope. It is then used in space ships.

    Q. Is the above possible.
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    No. Theres a fine line between science and science fiction these days.
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    A light inductor! Brilliant!
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