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Does light have an amplitude?

  1. Jul 20, 2009 #1
    Hey I have several questions about waves and particles.. I believe I mixing it...

    Okay firstly we have two stones, One big and one small. First i drop to water one and measure amplitude, freaquency, velocity and energy of a wave. And then another one..
    What results I would get, will velocity be the same?
    I want to see ant equation of wave energy. I found only that it is proporcianal to amplitude squared...

    Does light have an amplitude? How does it depends from freaquency?

    And here comes in my imagination:
    For example when light goes at c, and freaquency f and we add some energy to it, since it already go at maximum speed so kinetic energy is max, then all energy is transfered to waving energy...
    Or supose we have an object with mass m. Then we add some energy to it most of energy goes to kinetic, but not all, i meen not all, according to classical mechanincs... But some to waving energy... Then energy of object: mc2=m0c2+ Ekinetic+Ewaving
    I believe that it is wrong, but i realy like this idea :)
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    Re: Wave

    firstly the waves would move at the same velocity through the water, however the frequency and the wavelength will be different, This is due to the velocity of a wave (think sound) remaining constant within a uniform medium. The relation is velocity = frequency x wavelength

    In regards to the equation including wave energy I have no idea. However maybe using the equation Ek = 1/2 mv2 considering particles in the water during a wave undergo an eliptical motion. (velocity for circular motion = 2piRf)

    this was in another thread;

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