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Does light move as a wave ?

  1. Nov 30, 2015 #1
    Light has two theories, wave theory and the photon theory.

    My one main doubt is that, do photons physically move as a wave. Or do photons travel in straight lines but just have the ability to bend here and there; even in the wave theory, does light move physically in a wave-like manner, or is it just the existence of oscillating electric field and magnetic field which change in a wave-like manner at a place telling us that it is the wave theory.

    Could anyone explain how light moves according to the wave theory and the particle theory of light in brief.
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    No, light only has one theory: light is made of photons. Photons share some behaviors with (classical) particles and some with waves, but there is no either/or conflict.
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    I did not refer to a conflict rather my main doubt was whether the photon theory says that light moves as a wave.
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    Like physically move as moves. Or is it just referring to the electric and magnetic fields inside.
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    I'm not a professional physicist but I know that the way light moves through a fiber-optic is pretty hairy. Light phases in and out. This might have something to do with the wave nature of light. I know it gives fiber-optic technicians a hard time.
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