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Does matter exist?

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    My knowledge about physics is rather limited, so I would appreciate if you could set this straight.

    I just made an assumption that the concept of everything consists of smaller parts at different levels is a man made concept that derives from what feels natural in our day to day perception of things. What if everything is in fact movement in space and nothing else.

    And then we know that if movement is present, space and time is the result of it for it to be able to happen. And that led me to think that if there is no movement in space happening both space and time sieze to exist.

    So if: distance (space) = speed x time it would mean that if the entropi of the universe gets at its ultimate peak and all movement sieze to exist, both time and distance sieze to exist forcing everything into one point, sort of a big bang scenario?
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    There have been hypotheses put forth questioning whether, if the universe had no mass, would space still exist?
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    Ive heard that there was an experiment of cooling down an atom with lasers until it dissapeared and then reapeared. Interesting.
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    Are you referring to Bose-Einstein Condensates?
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    According to the currently accepted models in mainstream science, matter, space, distance and time exist.
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    Dont really know since I cant really find any source to it. But what im thinking about will space still exist when the maximal level of entropi will be reached?
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    why would space not exist when max entropy is reached. It is just a measure of disorder in a system
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    Well, Is making an assumption that everything that moves generate heat, and slows down right?
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    But matter would still exist, and there would still be residual heat due to HUP
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