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Does Msc=university jobs?

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    hello dear mechanicals
    i have a BS of mechanical engineering and i am living in a third world country,i have a question from mechanical students or engineers which are living in first world countries:

    if somebody in your country has a BS of mechanical engineering and then gets a Msc of mechanical engineering in your countries it means that this person is intending to countinue his future in university jobs?

    i have noticed most of those people who are CEOs or directors of big companies have studied law in university or have a BS of engineering and a Msc in MBA,is this true that if you have a BS of mechanical engineering and you want to go to world of business you should get your Msc in MBA or industrial engineering and if you get your Msc in mechanical engineering you better go to university jobs?

    thanks in advance
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    An MS in engineering is a good degree for industrial work, but not very useful in universities. A PhD is usally required. In business, a BS and an MBA make a good combination.
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    Many of us have MS's that are in industry. I do know of some people that teach with an MS but a PhD is usually preferred.
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    thabk you for answering,you know,in my country as being a third world there is no big difference between a BS and a Msc ,because in third world countries there is no place for:creativity and architect and making new things for an engineer.here if you are a man that can copy industry advances of first worlds you would be considered as a successful engineer!.my point is here if you have a BS you must go to business and money making places and as i said you will become a good copy maker if you want to be successful and if you go for a Msc and your will is to be a good businessman and money maker rather than to be a man of university jobs you have just lost two years of your life for a non-useful Msc,(as i said ,here there is not much chances for being a real engineer that creates and architects and most engineers are forced to go for money and business as managers or as low-waged employees,so a Msc is nothing except a tool for being more respectable to public people if they intend for business),but if someone here wants to be a university professor getting a Msc is good for him.
    (i think my explanations maybe is a little confusing due to lack of my english language).

    so how is in your countries?
    -what is the difference between a BS and a Msc in your country's industry(in terms of salary,the job they do,respect they gain and ...)?
    -do engineers really do a job which is related to engineering or they go for being a business man at last?
    -is salary of an engineer enough for him so that he/she will not go to be businessman rather than an engineer?
    -and at last the most prefer in your country is to get a BS and Msc of mechanical engineering and then go to work or to get a BS of mechanical engineering and a MBA and then go to work?
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