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Does my ISP support PHP?

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    I would like to start blogging using WordPress. I've heard that my ISP needs to support PHP and MySQL in order for this to work? I have no idea what either is but I have seen a few examples of small test-files (info.php) I can upload to my site and attemp to view them in order to find out if my ISP supports it. Always when I try this my browser only shows the content of the file itself as code, nothing else. What does that mean?
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    Nothing. Could be you have to configure your account so that the server knows it has to work with php files. Best place to ask is your ISP support.
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    Why not just use Blogger.com?
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    You could set up a local http server.
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    [/PLAIN] [Broken] and php+mysql. If you're on windows it'll be a tad bit easier than on *nix, if you're using linux then it's easy too, just look up how setup a lamp server. Your website should be viewable by your IP (external) address. Just make sure the proper ports are forewarded for the web server. Hope that helps to a degree, if you need me to elaborate on something feel free to ask ;)
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    I did this a few years ago with apache/php/perl/mysql on a windows xp system. However, I discovered that my ISP bocked port 80 (for security reasons). I had to use an alternate port (8080) and a free DNS (such as DynDNS). I think some router/modems will even automatically update the DNS if your IP number changes. This method works good if you have a high speed connection, don't mind leaving your computer on 24/7, and you do not anticipate a lot of traffic. Otherwise, it's probably best to pay for a hosting service.

    *You should check your ISPs terms of service. Some limit or prohibit setting up home servers on their network.
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