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Does Nature use more than one Stopwatch?

  1. May 18, 2004 #1
    In the Universe there is evidence that we are evolved from a location that was smaller than today, there was a point in Time when we were part of a Space Volume still in expansion, but of less Volume/Area.

    We define this as Universal expansion, all of our measure of 'Time' comes directly from a 'Time-past'. But any measurement with a Time Quantity must define locations with respect to the 'Present', we are always within a Constant 'present-time', thus all aparatus and tools of measurements reflect this Constancy. Our observable Universe is stable in its present Time, it appears Static, even though we know it is forever evolving into the Future, we are protected form seeing Galaxies shooting by at the speed of Inflation by Nature's Stopwatch.

    If we were to go backwards in Time, say to just after three-minutes of Big-Bang,(Event A), then the Dynamics of Time moved Faster relative to the Horizonal Volume.

    In a Contracting Universe Nature's Stopwatch would have to accelerate, present time would become more frantic, past-present and future would merge and overlap, Constant time paramiters as constrained within our present time would fluctuate. In some instances measurement would reveal snapshots of a Future-Frame, and in some instances snapshots would reveal Past-Frames.

    Is it then that the 'many worlds' scenario's are really equational snapshots of world-lines not contained within Present Moments, all measurements would have to use a Variable Stopwatch. One can almost state that for the Constatcy of Light today, Nature is providing us with the Constant tool that has no use outside of a 'Static' constant present-time Universe?

    The same stopwatch cannot measure fluctuating Timepaths that merge and cross without increasing speeds across a volume of Space that is STILL in an expansive motion?

    To measure the Past you need a Stopwatch that can vary in multi-directions,(Less-past-moments, and More-Future-moments) this goes against the notion that when you retrace the Universe's Timeline, every direction focuses along a given evolutionary route, from the moment of Big-Bang, you would not be able to locate event A! The event of the Big-Bang would be just as Undetectable as it is today.
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