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Does OP mean the original post or poster?

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    Does OP mean the "original post" or poster?

    Does OP mean the "original post", or the person how posted the original post, like "original poster"?
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    I suppose it can refer to either. It works either way.
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    The OP seems confused on the issue. Maybe this will help.
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    The opening post would be synonymous with the opening poster.
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    So "OP" has become a new word, that cannot be translated into normal English outside internet forums? :confused:

    But I asked a very specific question in my OP!!!
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    The context of the use should clarify which is suitable. There are only two options.
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    Amazing, I was wondering about this exact question the other day. I have only used it in terms of 'oringal post'. 'opening post' may also be a possible definition.
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    Well, have you ever LOLed at someone in real life? What then makes you think that OP has to have a real life equivalent? :biggrin:
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    I use it as "other post" on Mondays and "original purpose" on Thursdays. I improvise the rest of the week.
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    In EE, OP-Amp is an 'OPerational Amplifier'. An OP's mean depends on the context or environment.
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    George Jones

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    As Astronuc says, context is important, and this is true even of some "normal English" words.

    For example, consider the word "bear".

    The bear ate his dog.

    He cannot bear the loss of his dog.

    I'm sure there other such examples.
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