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Does PF need funds?

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    It's been a while since I wrote a check to Physics Forums. Is there any present need for us who utilize its services, without donating volunteer time, to contribute? If so, how?
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    Greg can answer that. I re-upped this month, and there may be enough of us "goldies" to keep the enterprise afloat. Certainly, this is a very popular forum, and even a small increase in the percentage of "guests" converting to PF Contributors would make a big difference. Maybe some folks will read this and dig in a bit. It's a whole lot better deal than PBS, with a no semi-annual begging frenzies and commercials posing as "thank-you's" to corporate donors.

    Greg and his crew of moderators are providing a wonderful place to interact, learn, and socialize. Thank you all!
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    Thank you both for your long time support! Things change quickly on the Internet but presently both Contributer Support and ad revenue equal the server costs. :smile:
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    Glad to hear that Greg. This place is great, and though I am unemployed due to a medical disability, I am happy to do my little part yearly. It would be nice to get you some additional income so you can do more, and I am firmly convinced that you would. I know that Pay-Pal is going to set some poifitability barriers, but is there a chance that you can set up some "associate memberships" with maybe $5 and $10 levels? Just a thought.

    Thanks again.
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    Although my presence has been limited lately, this is still the best site on the net as far as I'm concerned. I've got my 6-year, but I would be pleased to chip in extra if necessary. I can't begin to imagine how many kids are working their way toward a better future because of being encouraged and educated by PF. If something like this (or even computers) had existed when I was a kid, I probably would have stayed in school.
    Upon the rare occassions that I can offer something of merit, it makes me happier than you can imagine. Sort of makes up for not being able to have a kid of my own to help along. Even more of a joy, though, is seeing folks like Astro, Moonbear, Berkeman, Arildno, Zapper, et al freely giving of their massive knowledge in order to help anyone who requests it. To my mind, PF should be registered as an educational institution.
    I know that you're doing okay, Greg, but if you ever need a bit extra...
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    Some of us (even Mentors) also voluntarily make monetary contributions to PF even as we volunteer to help run it. We feel that strongly towards PF and its mission do that. :)

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    Good grief! You haven't got the hang of this capitalism thing yet. You should be charging 50 cents per answer and requiring mandatory subscriptions. What are you? A do-gooder communist who wants people to be educated for free?
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    I became a contributor two months after I joined because I put my money on worthwhile projects, especially one's like PF that provide what I consider an important service and resource in the worldwide community.

    Even Wikipedia requests donations, and do many/most non-profit organizations (NPR/PBS, various educational institutions, public service foundations).

    And even if Greg did make a profit, I'd still contribute because I believe PF is that important.

    My contribution is on automatic renewal, IIRC.
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    I contributed the first time i visited this site, i knew it was a great place, and although money has been tight, once i'm able to get back on my feet, i will re-up, thank you PF!
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    That's very nice vincentm. It's because of people like you that PF is here.
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