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Does prophecy violate QM?

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    I've always wondered that when people claim to predict the future, don't they violate the laws of quantum mechanics? QM says that the state of a future system cannot be known (as it could be for classical physics), but can only be subject to the laws of probability.
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    Re: Prophecy violate QM?

    If you want my opinion, those people should be violating a lot more laws than they do anyway. Especially the kind that used "physical" arguments to support their gibberish ("your energy spectrum is distorted, but if you give me $ 300 I will resonate your eigenfrequency so that you may pass into a higher spacetime dimension" - *puke*).
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    Re: Prophecy violate QM?

    In reading your post, I noticed your Aura oscillating into the violet.
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    Re: Prophecy violate QM?

    Agreed! Did you know that Kevin Trudeau suggested in his book that cooking food at your house instead of going to a restaurant modifies its electrons? The scary thing is that people actually believe this stuff.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Re: Prophecy violate QM?

    In a sense, what you are asking is if time travel [beyond the normal sense of time] is possible. The answer is that we don't know.

    There was one recent effort to make what amounts to a time telephone to the future [or to the past, depending on which end we are talking about], by a physicist named Mallet. I believe the consensus is that his papers are in error.
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