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Does pure gold oxidize(I truly need a long-time proffesional chemist)!

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    Some say pure gold oxidizes,but it takes thousands of years and even billions of years to completely oxidize on normal/room temperature i natural envirornments.
    1.So,does pure gold in water(normal drinking and salt water) oxidize at least on molecular level i normal/room temperature?
    Because on every website I've been so far,there is no a clue that pure gold oxidizes on molecular level(one atom supposedly reacts with oxygen in a few seconds).
    2.And on which temperature pure gold oxidizes with oxygen,if pure gold doesn't oxidze on normal/room temperature?
    3.And does water(drinking and salt) react with pure gold on normal/room temperature in natural environments?
    4.Does sulphur react with water,myabe on molecular level?
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    What do you mean by "on molecular level"...?All chamical reactions take place at atomic/molecular level.


    P.S.Gold in chemically inert at normal temp & pressure.Water,salted or not,does nothing to it.Royal water dissolves it though,giving auric chloride.
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    You can find explicit answers to these question within a standard general chemistry text, browse through the chapter on "metals."
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    gold can be dissolved by "aqua regia" (as alchemists used to call it), a solution of nitric and hydrochloric acid.
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