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Does resonance increase in velocity

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    Does increase in velocity and/or mass increase the effect on an atom's resonance?

    I was thinking maybe the faster an atom travels in one direction the slower the atom would vibrate.

    Any thoughts on this matter?
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    For the reference frame of the atom, it will always vibrate at its resonant frequency. Shifting is only possible when viewing the atom from different frames of reference as it is dependant on time.
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    I would have to say, based on SR alone, that resonant frequencies would have to decrease as speed increases. You know; time dilation.
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    Yes, but there's also Doppler effect. IIRC, Doppler wins over SR. Meaning, when approaching you always have blue-shift. Even with SR.
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    Yes, after i posted the question i had a thought about it, and thought to myself that to an atom, everything would seem normal, but at close to light speeds decaying would appear slower to a slower or stationary observer.
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