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Does science career suit me?

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    I like science(at least I think so), but I don't like every part of it equally. For example, I like Relativity and QM, but I don't really like mechanic.
    I like to ask question and do experiment, but I wonder whether I suit the research career, or which science field. Are there any test or guide that can be helpful?
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    Tests and guides are rarely helpful. You might wanna look into an internship in a certain field to know whether or not thats where you wanna go into. Other than that, you bassically have all of your first and second year of college to figure it out. You can never be too sure.
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    i wondered the same things because i have given a couple of tests at shrinks offcies regarding personality aptitude iq etc. and i have got a result that indicates that though my iq is high enough for science, my personality which is extroverted and sportsy and outdoorsy, is not suited for it, then my school cousellor has the gall to tell me (as if we were in a communist society), that see here, wen we look for scientists we generally look out for introverted people, blah blah blah, i am ready to spend my life at a microscope doing research on genetics, so its all about what YOU wanna do,
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    You like relativity, but you hate mechanics?

    That makes no sense at all.
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    Maybe he means he likes the concepts, but doesnt like to do the maths..? :uhh:
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    Can you elaborate on this statement.

    Do you mean that you like the application of Special Relativity (SR) and Quantum Mechanics, but you do not like Classical Mechanics (or Statics and Dynamics).

    As JasonRox pointed out, the statement as written is somewhat puzzling. It is difficult to avoid 'mechanics' in SR or QM.
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    classical mechanics you mean?
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    That's the problem with those Meyer-Briggs personality tests. Imagine if everyone of the same "personality" ended up at the same sets of careers. Things would be extremely dull. Unfortunately, shrinks, career counselors, and human resource departments take the results way too seriously.
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