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Does sex change your personality?

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    I was just wondering about this. Does your personality change when you have sex?
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    Mine didn't. I guess it depends on the situation, age, and maturity of the individual.
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    That would be hard to quantify given how many people start having sex when they're already changing.
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    yes... I turn into a love-machine.
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    In addition to Pythagorean's post, sometime you change and you don't realize it, making the question even harder to answer correctly.
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    I know I am grumpy when I DON'T have sex - which means I spend a lot of time crumpy ... :mad:

    In another view about sex - I have know two people that have had sex change procedures. They both may not have 'changed' much - but seemed much happier and more self-confident as time passed after change.

    Would this be a case of sex influencing a personality - or more properly of gender?
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    Let me be the first to volunteer for any scientific study on this matter :biggrin:
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    I tell my wife that I am a better engineer when I get some in the morning .... but I guess she likes bad engineers. LOL

    So yes it does change your personality. I know I'm lighter on my feet and quicker of wit. For instance had I have had some today I wouldn't of had to edit this post. LOL

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    Most people are more happy, when they get some. Their dopamine levels increase, causing them to be in a better mood.

    Next time you go into work, you may able to notice your co-workers, and just look at them, most of the time, you can just tell. Or there, is that they may just be deeply in love. That one can throw you off a little bit. Which, is my case, lol.
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    That is bad because I work with some ugly people.
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    hahhaa, sucks for you. The people I work with are...eh, so so. Just look next time you have to be there. At my job, it's easy to tell...
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    It could probably be tied to self-confidence. This would differ in degree from person to person, but I think most can agree that a sexual relationship is very reaffirming.
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