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Does Sit ups/ weight lifting reduce growth?

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    Hey, I was wondering if sit ups/curl ups and weight lifting stunt growth. Due to the amount of weight and muscle not allowing bones to grow any further. If so, does sitting down while lifting weights help?
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    Simply put, no. I've been weightlifting for a long time, and as an avid reader of health studies, trust me, it does not stunt growth. It promotes it. Weight is not a major factor in bone growth. Bones basically grow because of genetics and nutrion, they dont grow or not grow because of a person's weight.

    In fact, it promotes bonegrowth. Bigtime. I only found one page on google about it stunting growth, and that same page advertised magical pills to make you grow taller. 'Nuff said.

    Think about how and why weightlifting works.
    The reason your muscles grow bigger is because your brain naturally adjusts to the added amount of stress, so it sends the message to build muscle. So why wouldn't bone growth work the same way? Well...it does work the same. When your brain senses the added stress, it sends chemical messages to any parts of your body that can compensate for the stress. That includes muscles, bones, fatty areas, ligaments, anything you can think of involving a lift.

    That's one of the reasons steroids have been criticized and lifting has not: steroids only insert chemical messages to the muscles. Those actually can weaken bones.
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