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Homework Help: Does solid Iodine dissolves in hexane

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    Hi, I wanted to know if solid Iodine dissolves in hexane. I know they are both non-polar so they should dissolve atleast somewhat. The solution came out dark purple so doesn't that mean the Iodine dissolved in the hexane? Also is graphite polar or non polar? In my experiment it didn't dissolve in either water, hexane, or ethanol. Are these accurate? Thanks for any help.
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    Looks like you've got it pretty well understood. Graphite looks structurally like chicken wire (the hexagonal pattern) with a carbon at every vertex --- one carbon is no more electronegative than another, therefore, non-polar.

    It (graphite) isn't the best non-polar substance to use in a lab demonstrating/studying solubility since it is arguably a very large single molecule for each layer of "chicken wire," but the level you're at, don't let it worry you. And, don't include this comment in the lab report unless you can find it elsewhere in your text, lab book, or notes --- some chem teachers get really touchy when students get ahead of them.
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