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Does sound travel in moon?

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    can we hear the sound of our steps in moon???
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    No, the helmet muffles the sound. :wink:
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    Our own steps? Potentially yes. If we wear a fully air filed rather rigid space suit.
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    Sound needs air or other material to travel through. It does not travel through vacuum. The moon's atmosphere is so thin that it is essentially a vacuum. Therefore sound will not travel directly through the atmosphere. However, the sound can still travel through the ground, space suits, and human bodies. So on the moon, you would not hear a rocket exploding a few hundred feet off the ground. But if you are standing on the moon's ground and a rocket crashed into the ground next to you, you would hear that. Because the sound would be traveling through the ground, you would perceive it as the ground rumbling. So you could hear a fellow astronaut stepping along the moon if you have good hearing, especially if he is right next to you and is stomping hard.
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    QFT. Nice answer.
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