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Does space and time act differently at different scales?

  1. Nov 4, 2009 #1
    I have developed a interest in quantum physics & quantum gravity. Reading, watching documentaries and finding myself just thinking about the effect of gravity.

    Just thinking about the subject of gravity and our interpretation of a higher gravitational dimension I assume we cannot directly witness its effect as it is happening on a subatomic level at the very level of strings. So at this scale can space warp dramatically touching directly on the gravitational dimension almost a shadow dimension. Are black holes an immense versions of what is happening at every point of the universe, a large scale singularity.

    Could this effect be carried in every piece of energy, every virtual particle that appears creating direct connection to this dimension that causes the binding of matter on ours. Sort of a subatomic low energy wormhole.

    Like I say I'm no expert and I guess my question is that at this granular level of space time how easy would it be to create such eddies that allow gravity to leak through?
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