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Does space have temperature?

  1. Mar 21, 2015 #1
    Does space have temperature??
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    Can you tell us what do you understand by 'temperature' first? Try and define it. (or google it)
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    Empty space would not, but space is not empty. Since outer space is home to many stars, there are photons everywhere. So if you have a massive object there, it will have temperature that depends on how close it is to a star (or other radiating object). The minimum temperature of an object in outer space is about 2.7 K, due to the absorption of those stray photons.
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    Blackberg, I see you are new to the forum so perhaps not yet familiar w/ the style here. I'm REALLY confident that Bandersnatch already knew what you just said and could have chosen to include it in his reply but he has asked the OP for clarification and it's not normal style here to jump in and spoon-feed an answer when a member is already trying to get an OP to clarify his thinking. I did this myself when I first joined so I sympathize with your desire to be helpful but the style here is more to lead the OP to an answer rather than just dump it in his lap.
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    Thanks a lot blackberg!!
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    @Bandersnatch... Well, temperature is a quantity that measures heat...
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    What's OP phinds??
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    Original Poster. AKA, you, since you started the thread.
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