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Does the electron teleport ?

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    Does the electron "teleport"?

    Let say there's an electron gun in the box as if Schrodinger Cat experiment. The electron is in position A. Since electron behave like wave in this box, the electron can be in any position after the box is close. I don't think that the electron will interact with any particle in the box, because if it do, the wave function will collaspe.
    Now, the electron is observed and we know that the electron is in position B. But, does the electron travel from position A to position B? Or it just simply teleport to the position :smile: ?
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    Before you look, the electron is in the state that is the sum of the products of all possible eigenvalues of the particle in the box problem with their associated probability. By looking at the electron, you collapse the wavefunction and make the electron be 'in one place' (of course heisenberg stops you knowing it's momentem). This collapse of the wavefunction and what happens is on the philosophy of QM side of things (ie copenhagen interpretation - 'shut up and measure' vs the hidden variable theories and all that stuff).
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