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Does the Higgs Boson exist?

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    I heard from a few sources that the Higgs Boson particle probably doesn't exist, is this true?

    If so, what does this mean for the Big Bang theory? And how did it start the Big Bang theoretically anyway?

    If not, what have the scientists at the LHC found? Is it the standard model Higgs, or a new type of Higgs?
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    What sources? It's very hard to respond to "I heard somewhere..."


    The Higgs boson is probably unconnected to the Big Bang.

    It didn't, as far as we know. It sounds like you have seen some reference to inflation, which is probably unconnected to the Higgs boson.

    As far as we can tell, the particle found at the LHC behaves exactly like the Standard Model Higgs.

    Sorry for the terse responses; maybe if you can point to whatever motivated these questions someone can give more helpful answers.
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    Links, please.
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    I'm sure your friend is much smarter than all those scientists at CERN who think they found it.
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    Look at the date on that article. (Which isn't very good)

    Now look at the date of the discovery.
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    That article is just completely wrong. Its author misinterpreted some announced results. The results ruled out a Higgs boson in a certain range of masses. Other masses were still allowed, and indeed the particle was later found with a mass in this allowed range. The article is also wrong when it suggests that the Higgs boson is thought to be responsible for the Big Bang.

    The BBC article linked within looks much better.
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    I'll look into that last part thanks!
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    It does exist, the LHC discovered it very recently.
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    This thread was done more than a year ago.
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