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Does the math GRE help at all for the GRE in engineering?

  1. Sep 24, 2013 #1
    Been around for quite a while on PF, you guys never fail to deliver.

    I've been thinking about graduate school in engineering (in the US). The field I will likely enter is in some type of signal processing/control theory. I am only a sophomore EE major, but am taking courses a math major would normally take (i.e. algebra/analysis/topology) in addition to my EE courses. Am also taking courses a CS major would normally take (i.e. databases/compilers etc.)

    That said, I have looked at the math subject GRE and most of the questions look doable. However, I have no intention of pursuing graduate degree in mathematics. But since there is no engineering GRE, and since signal processing/control theory is heavy in mathematics, does it make any sense to take the math subject GRE? Will it have any impact on my chances of getting into graduate programs in EE? I don't think I will have much difficulty doing well on the math GRE given the amount of time I spend doing math, but I don't want to take the exam for no reason either.


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