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Does the sun spin?

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    I know that the sun is a gas, but like the earth, no matter how hot the core, the enormous weight would turn it to a solid. So the suns core is a solid and would it spin on an axis? Or just randomly?
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    The Sun does spin but not in the same way as a solid body because it's a plasma, and behaves similarly to a gas.
    At the equator the spin is fastest, and it decreases towards the poles.
    Since the outer part is spinning then the core must be spinning too, but it's thought to behave more like a solid body.
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    The Sun's core is definitely not a solid. It is a very dense plasma.

    The entire Sun rotates, but since the Sun is not a solid, there is a different rotational speed for different parts of the Sun. I believe the core rotates the fastest, with the outer structures rotating at slower speeds.
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