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Does the world need more teachers?

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    Now that's an interesting point. I can easily believe that someone who hasn't focused on science and engineering could be lacking in their knowledge of the subject. It's still difficult to believe that any of the students know more than the teacher, but it would certainly mean that explaining things and answering questions might be more difficult for them.
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    Qualifications, eligibility, and who is hired to do what, become confusing. A school will not always have enough time to hire the properly qualified person to teach something. Time crunches happen, normal staff not fully available, and a school NEEDS someone for a class WITHIN TWO HOURS (like for a substitute); and then almost ANY teacher on a list may be asked. For some longer term jobs to teach, a school might have had difficulty finding a properly qualified and interested teacher candidate, so may need to be flexible enough to find someone either less ideal, or just SLIGHTLY unqualified. Consider, almost any science-degreed person can teach basic algebra, even intermediate algebra, but outside of those, such a person might not be prepared enough for something like Trigonometry or first semester Calculus.
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    If we've got a teacher shortage when the school population is 800,000 less than it will be at its peak, then you will not get a world-class education for every child when the population really starts to grow towards the end of this decade.When there are more jobs around for graduates – and fewer jobs making people redundant – it's going to be more difficult.
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    It' s a better topic I think we need better teachers considering some of mine know very little even about there own subjects.Teachers are definitely a breed apart. True we are made, and not created, but it seems like you can always tell a good teacher when you see one, even if you don’t see them teach. I ran into an old student of mine at the car wash earlier that day. She shared with me her desire to teach.
  5. Mar 20, 2018 #55
    Yes, I agree with this statement because Teachers are definitely a breed apart. True we are made, and not created, but it seems like you can always tell a good teacher when you see one, even if you don’t see them teach.Her personality is inviting, she seems naturally kind and patient, she doesn’t judge but instead shares a warm smile. She will be a great teacher regardless of subject matter or grade level. I could see that in her, just like my friends could see it in me. And education is a lifelong process for everyone. So I think world absolutely needs more teacher's.
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    I think we need better teachers.
    You can search on the internet about programs and ask anyone about problems.
    But there is no challenge, no example and no actual conversation.
    Sometimes we all see the same solution to the problem because people just mimic the answer. Teachers sometimes make solution in a more easy way.
    Sometimes it's better if you have competition in the class.
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