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Does this equation already exist?

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    This is a formula to find the area of a regular polygon with sides of equal length only using the side length.


    Where n is equal to the number of sides and s is the side length.

    Also, knowing radius (r) or apothem (a)



    Has someone found this before?
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    Yes, I find it on page 122 of my copy of CRC Standard Math tables. (27th ed)
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    No offense, but that's not really an equation you can "discover." It's just a calculation.
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    In mathematics there is no such thing as discovery.
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    jim mcnamara

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    Ah.. I see you folks have never read Plato. Or won't admit to it anyway.
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    Yes, there is. Just because a certain theorem happens to be true whether it's been found or not, it doesn't mean that it can't be discovered. "Discover" in this case simply means that you are the first human being to stumble upon it.
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    Ok, then can anyone who's read something about this explain why cot(180/n)=tan(90(n-2)/n)?
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    Just apply Simpson's formulas.
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