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Does this exist ?

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    Hey does this already exists or is in project ?

    It would be cool , if a movie would be like sequence of 3D positions
    like the movie file gives a 3D representation of everything in the movie environment at a given time

    and while u watch the movie , u can move around in the movie environment , like if u could place the camera where-ever u want

    Like in a computer game u can move the camera where u want to see whats happening. Well that would be about the same except that u dont control whats happening lol
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    So a vector based movie?
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    i dont really know what u mean by that

    but what i mean , its like if u had the movie environment, and u can place ur camera where-ever u want in the environment to see the action

    like if something was happening in real life and u had a sort mini helicopter with a rotating camera that u can control.

    The movie file would store each objects position at different times
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    I've never heard of such a thing, but I don't think it would be difficult to do in principle. For instance, if you had the data files for a 3-d animated film like Shrek, or one of the Pixar movies, you could display them in a game environment. You could control the camera as you do in a game, but you can't effect the action which is controlled by the data file.

    One drawback is that the frames in those movies are not generated in real time. I think it takes several minutes to render a single frame and for this application you need to render them at the rate of 15 a second. However, the pixel count in the movie version is much larger than the count on a computer display, so you could make up some of the time there. Of course, you could also do a cruder render for faster speed but choppier image. I expect that the data files are too huge for a practical consumer version.

    Another alernative would be to create your own data files. The effort and therefor the expense, to create an interesting movie in this way is considerable. Again, in principle, it should be doable.
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    Yes, most video games are like that these days.

    But they are a FAR cry from movie quality graphics such as Shrek. To have that quality is surely the Grail that game designers are working toward.

    Consider what goes into a movie such as Shrek in terms of
    - extremely high quality graphics - losts and lots of number-crunching
    - viewpoints and data produced/captured - they only render what they absoutely need to. If they had to render a scene
    - in 360 degrees
    - from multiple angles (which also means rendering everything behind every object)
    - out to a certain distance (what if you turned your camera away from the scene into the forest? How far can you move your camera?)

    Shrek-quality VR is many years away.
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    Well, most video cards do a good job of cutting things you can't see out of their rendering, but still the main point remains: the detail level (both geometric and texture) of even the first all-digital movie (Toy Story) is far too high to render it in real-time.

    Play a good video game on a really good computer and you'll get a good idea of what the current limits are.
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    I am not sure if you ever played Metal Gear Solid 2 but on the extras disk they offer a look into every cinema in the game. The camera is fully functional - it can move in and out of the level as well as any where you want it to. I am sure you can do this with most new games but they dont offer a nice extra disk.
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    but if u see how fast graphic cards get better , and also processors, memory cards, ect
    and also data storage (to store the big movie file)

    maybe this will be easily possible in lets say max 50 years
    thats what i think
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    I'm a gamer and I hope it's well within the ten year mark because I truely intend to be permanently hooked to affordable VR in my old age instead of having some nurse wiping my but for me and doing nothing all day except stairing out some window and slowly going insane...
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    yeah because the the thing is

    its possible right now , but the computer or even computers to run this kind of movie must cost a lot of money , and take a lot of space
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