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Does this happen with everyone?

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    Whenever I start a new thing, I begin with the absolute beginning. For eg:- If I start studying electronics I will go back to discovery of electricity, discovery of electrons, cathode ray experiment etc. Similarly with other subjects. I just understand things much better this way.

    So does this happen with anybody? There are times when studying advanced maths that I start wondering about how additions, subtraction are defined. I just like starting from beginning everytime I start something new. However this eats a lot of my time. While classes move on I see myself lagging behind.
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    Not I. I need to understand the basic concepts first, but I don't need to go back to the dawn of physics to understand basic electronics. However if you literally didn't know what an electron really was before you took the course then I can understand that.
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    No I had all the prerequisites for the electronics course but still I felt the need to go back to the dawn of physics before starting the course.
    Actually it happens with every course. I like to start from the very beginning before really getting into the course
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    Not sure what to tell ya. If that's the way you learn then I guess that's just the way you learn.
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    I'm with Drakkith. Basic concepts first, mix in a bit of history if it's interesting or relevant but it's not essential. For me it would be a massive waste of time and effort if for every subject I had to start from the historical perspective rather than starting with the basic concepts understood in modern times.
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    I guess you would enjoy learning the basics of math from a book like Russell and Whitehead's "Principia Mathematica".

    If takes them about 370 pages to get to the point where they can start proving the proposition "1+1=2", and they finally complete the proof nearly 100 pages into Volume II, with the footnote "The above proposition is occasionally useful".
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