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Does this make any senese?

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    So, I'm reading http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/blog/kenny_strawn-513767/about-quantum-computing-the-quantum-integrity-postulate-3169/" [Broken] on LinuxQuestion.org, and I run across a post on quantum computing. Naturally, I take a look. When I finish reading it I'm like, "wuah?" because his math seems off.
    Can anyone explain/verify what this guy said?
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    I'm curious what he means by a quantum power supply and internal data cables (as well as the rest of the things he lists). Sounds like a load of rubbish he just made up as his own 'solution' to the quantum decoherence problem (unless someone can tell me otherwise).

    Not entirely sure how you would test this hypothesis either.

    If you want to know about quantum computing, your best start will be here:
    It will give you a good overview and has a far better description of bits vs. quantum bits.

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